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Ferals - Head

While our primary mission is the rescue and adoption of friendly, homeless cats and kittens, the Feline Foundation is deeply concerned about the plight of feral cats and kittens, i.e., those who have grown up without human contact and who fear and avoid people. We strongly advocate the practice of trapping, neutering, and returning (TNR) these cats to their familiar surroundings and caretakers to live out their lives without producing more offspring. 

If you need TNR advice or assistance in connection with a feral cat-- or colony of ferals-- in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area or to learn more about TNR and for other national and local feral cat resources, please see the excellent and informative websites maintained by Alley Cat AlliesMetro Ferals, and Montgomery County Community Cat Coalition (MC C3).

Web Image: Feral on deck