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Shop online!!!  
Here are some opportunities to make your shopping experiences profitable for the kitties!

Do "all" your shopping on the Internet!!

That's right, go head and buy something for yourself —— a new CD, the latest bestseller, essentials like toothpaste or vitamins, even a computer.  But first join www.iGive.com/FFGW, because every time you shop at one of the over 400 name-brand stores in the Mall at iGive.com, the Feline Foundation will receive a donation of up to 26% of each purchase you make, at no cost to you!

Donating to the Feline Foundation through iGive.com won't cost you a thing -- but we'll miss out on a lot of donations if you don't join!  So click the above link to iGive now. 

Membership is free and your privacy is guaranteed.


Feed your own cats!

Start shopping for your pets at PETsMART online and you'll not only receive a 10% discount, but the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington, Inc will also receive up to 15% commission on your order!  You need cat food anyway (and maybe dog food?) - so why not help us out at the same time!  Just click on the PETsMART banner and you can start supporting us with your first visit! 

Again, thanks so much for helping us help the kitties!!