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FFGW is a network of volunteers--we have no shelter or other facility--not even an office! We are, quite literally, where our volunteers are. Everything we accomplish is thanks to people like you who share their time and talents to help the kitties! We're celebrating our 20th Anniversary year with a new website, a new database, a new fundraising program, new e-newsletter, and a brand new VIRTUAL VOLUNTEER program! Email today to join us.



Special Events


Our #1 volunteer need is caring for rescued cats and kittens in  our  homes from rescue until adoption as though they were our own--except that FFGW covers the costs of veterinary care. Fostering is gratifying and enriching, and the heartbreak of saying goodbye to a beloved foster kitty is more than compensated by the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a difference in both a feline and human life. Fostering also allows you the opportunity to know more cats or kittens than you could in a lifetime of pet ownership. Please visit our fostering page or  e-mail us  for more information on this very 


FFGW has lots of ideas on special things we can do to rescue even more cats in the coming years.

Our potential is limited ONLY by our people power. Can you help us make this one of our best years ever?

* Restaurant Nights at local restaurants 

* Spring White Elephant Sale

* Summer Picnic

* Fundraising Parties (Silpada, 31 Gifts, etc.) 

* Sales and adoptions at animal events like the National Capital Cat Show at the Dulles Expo Center

* Holiday Fair or Shopping Party 

* Young Professional Happy Hours or Mixers 

That's in addition to our: 

*  Monthly and weekly  Adoption Fairs

*  Periodic Mailing Parties 

*  Information tables


If you have event planning experience and are looking for an outlet for your talents, please contact us!

If you have fundraising, marketing, or social media experience, please contact us!



Other Volunteer Needs

From time to time we need volunteers to participate in fund-raisers, mail-stuffing, "parties" and other promotional events, such as pet expositions.

  • Ongoing: We need people with Excel and data-entry skills to update and maintain our mailing list! Please contact us for more information.
  • Please send us your e-mail address and contact information so we can add you to our "friends of the felines" group list to inform you when help is needed
  • Help out at an adoption fair! Our Leesburg fairs are held every week and our Reston fairs monthly from January to November at Just Cats Clinic in Reston. We need volunteers to help set up cages before the fair, talk to and counsel prospective adopters about possible matches during the event and to break down the cages at the end.  See the schedule on the Adoption Fair page and e-mail if you'd like to join us!
  • GOT BARN? We need farm and stable homes for free-roaming and feral cats. These cats are vaccinated, spayed or neutered and prefer outdoor life with safe access to shelter and food.  Barn relocation does require an initial confinement period for the cats and even the very best mousers require supplemental cat food, fresh water daily and access to shelter in inclement weather. If you have a big heart lots of land, please contact us about giving these special kitties an outdoor home to call their own.
  • And finally...we welcome your ideas for supporting the FFGW! Step up and coordinate an activity to benefit FFGW: host a yard sale and donate the proceeds; make friends with your local pet store and ask them to donate broken or expired packages of cat food and litter; post information about FFGW or our cats on your community e-bulletin board--or anything you can think of to help us find more foster and adoptive homes and/or  money to pay vet bills.

Community Service

FFGW is a staunch supporter of Community Service and welcomes elementary, middle and high schoolers at all of our activities.  Because we don't have a facility, we can't always accommodate young volunteers, but we make every effort to do so whenever we can.  Please contact us and we'll do our best to help you help the kitties.  And here's the ultimate community service project: get your parents involved and foster a cat or litter of kittens until adoption!


Thank you for your support -- we are nothing without our volunteers!