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Adoption Info

We specialize in matching cats and kittens with adoptive parents based on applications and in-depth interviews to identify the kitty characteristics that will best suit the prospective owner's desires and lifestyle.

• Cats and kittens who are available for adoption are fostered by generous volunteers, and can be visited by appointment in their foster homes, at a monthly adoption fair or other adoption event..

• Our  Adoption Coordinator is the liaison between interested adoptive parents and foster parents.

• We maintain personality profiles on the kitties in our program to better facilitate the process of matching them up with their best possible future family.

• All cats and kittens have tested negative for feline leukemia/FIV and are current on vaccinations. All cats and kittens over six months are spayed or neutered before adoption, as are younger kittens who have been in our adoption center program. Otherwise, adopters  are responsible for having their adopted kittens spayed or neutered when they reach six months of age.

• Pre-approved applicants can meet our cats and kittens in their foster homes all during the month or choose a kitty and take it home from an adoption fair. All adoptions are subject to approval.   Kitty Love


The adoption fee for cats under 10 years of age is $200 for one cat or $300 for a happy pair.   For cats 10 years and older, the suggested adoption fee is reduced to $75 for one and $50 for each additional senior cat. But regardless of your cat’s age, larger donations are gratefully welcomed.  These donations are used to care for other cats in our program and are the same whether your kitty has had one vet visit or one hundred!

All Feline Foundation cats MUST be spayed or neutered. We strongly encourage you to do the same for your own pets. If you are in the DC metro area, visit either SPAY, Inc. or the Washington Humane Society websites for information about their low cost spay/neuter programs.

We do not allow declawing of any cat adopted from us. If you are hoping to adopt a cat who has already been declawed, that information will be noted in our list of available cats.

To get you started on the adventure of adopting a FFGW kitty, we ask that you fill out our Adoption Request Form .

Just need an adoption contract: Click here 

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