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This  is a special place to remember and honor our departed but still beloved kitty companions. 

We owe so much to the animals who loved us without question. And while words can't begin to express the thanks we feel for their love, there is comfort in trying.

We are honored to afford the opportunity to express our thanks and never-ending love on these pages.  

If you would like to remember a special loved one here,email us with your request. 

For visitors who don't have loved ones posted here, we know you'll find at least one kitty who will strike a note of recognition in your heart for a kitty you remember, too.












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Nelly Sue Phelps

Nelly Sue Phelps, May 25, 1993 to June 21, 2014
Nelly came into our lives from the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington, FFGW.  We had recently lost our beloved Molly, a thin black beauty at age of 15.  So for some time I was looking for a little black girl, and then I saw her in a newspaper ad, so I answered it.  I went to be introduced to the little black beauty in May of 1993, she was a dream.  So I went back on Memorial Day to pick her up from Alexandria.   Nelly and I drove home to Stafford from Alexandria, passing the motorcycle brigade of Rolling Thunder on I-95.  She was absolute charmer, with her loud Siamese Meow when she wanted something or smelled chicken, pork chops, salmon or steak.  She lived a long and we would hope a wonderful life for 21 years.   But she too was ill with hyperthyroidism for two years prior to her death, quietly a month after Edward she went in her sleep.  She was a such beauty in her day, but now she's in my heart.   --Jean Phelps

Bouche Fisher

Handsome, lovely, loved Bouche lived 2 decades! Despite his name (bouche is French for "mouth"), he was a quiet boy with a tiny meow and a huge heart. Safe jourmey, big fella!

Duncan left us after 16 wonderful years.  He was a gentle and loving 
friend whose absence leaves a massive void in our home.  A well-traveled 
tabby, Duncan lived with us in Canada and Turkey, as well as northern 
Virginia.  His enjoyed life, people, jazz, his sunny window, and of 
course tuna.  He was forever grateful to the Feline Foundation for 
rescuing him as a kitten and leading him to his family.  Duncan faced 
every day, even when battling kidney disease, with great feline 
equanimity and dignity.  Our hearts cannot feel empty because he filled 
them with so much love. --Michele and Gary    


Max and his brother, Ben, were adopted from FFGW as kittens and returned in November 2006 because of a new husband with allergies and a dog that the boys considered a frightening monster. While we initially thought the boys should be adopted as a pair, fate intervened. A staff member at the vet hospital where the boys were being boarded fell in love with Ben and adopted him, leaving Max much happier alone in his kitty cage but still in need of a real home. Max was physically in great shape but somewhat emotionally scarred from all the changes in his life. He hoped for a gentle, patient, cat savvy human to help him find his true self again.  After almost a year at the vet hospital (and several unsuccessful  interviews by prospective adopters), Max found refuge with just the  special person he sought, an FFGW foster mom. She helped Max rediscover his purr and joie de vivre. But as things turned out, re-adoption was not in the cards for Max. A December 2011 check-up to investigate a sudden weight loss gave us the sad news that Max had lymphoma. Max and his foster mom  had a long talk on the subject and decided to abandon the adoption idea. Instead, Max and his mom decided that he would spend the rest of his days with his mom and foster siblings. Max died peacefully at home in his foster mom's lap on July 5, 2013. Purrs to you, little big man!


Kiley Melancon passed over the Rainbow Bridge, at home, on 2 April, following  a short but devastating illness. He was helped in his transition to Heaven by his long-time vet, Dr. Lee Morgan. He is sadly missed my his mom, who loved him SO much. He spent his last two nights wrapped in mom's arms, after having told her he was ready to go. He is with his late sisters, Carmen and Druscilla, romping around the fields of heaven..rest in peace, sweet baby...

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