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This  is a special place to remember and honor our departed but still beloved kitty companions. 

We owe so much to the animals who loved us without question. And while words can't begin to express the thanks we feel for their love, there is comfort in trying.

We are honored to afford the opportunity to express our thanks and never-ending love on these pages.  

If you would like to remember a special loved one here,email us with your request. 

For visitors who don't have loved ones posted here, we know you'll find at least one kitty who will strike a note of recognition in your heart for a kitty you remember, too.












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Your sweet spirit will be with us always. From Gerri and Ray

Everyone thought Scooter was younger than his (12) years because he was so playful. The only feature that changed as he matured was that he developed three white whiskers on the right side of his face. We found him to be the sweetest, cutest and cuddliest cat "who ever owned us!" He had a friendly disposition and especially liked the ladies. If you had bare feet all the better; however I had to be careful for Scooter would rub his face against freshly manicured toes. He made us laugh with his antics--as he preferred homemade toys to store bought. He was on the quiet side, hardly ever meowed and had a strong purr. When we couldn't find him we'd look in the bath tub where he could be found waiting patiently for someone to turn on a dripping faucet. Scooter loved his table treats: chicken, fish and tuna--at least he was a healthy eater! It is difficult to say any one thing that we will miss the most about him, losing a loved pet is like losing a loved human--it is their overall presence that will be missed. Allie & Chuck Bowling

Showup (Monger)
With Love, Sharon Barry

April 2003 - February 19, 2004. The entire Feline Foundation mourns the passing of our precious brown tabby boy and sends love and thanks to his foster family, Joanne, Ian and Grace. Come find us when we get to the Rainbow Bridge, little man!

Things are not quite the same around here, nor will be for some time. She had quite the personality - an air of diva and a fearless nature. That is the Smokey Girl that I will always remember. Pets have an amazing way of loving their humans unconditionally. She is (and will forever be) sorely missed. Please keep her in your thoughts. -- JR

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