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This  is a special place to remember and honor our departed but still beloved kitty companions. 

We owe so much to the animals who loved us without question. And while words can't begin to express the thanks we feel for their love, there is comfort in trying.

We are honored to afford the opportunity to express our thanks and never-ending love on these pages.  

If you would like to remember a special loved one here,email us with your request. 

For visitors who don't have loved ones posted here, we know you'll find at least one kitty who will strike a note of recognition in your heart for a kitty you remember, too.












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Max and his brother, Ben, were adopted from FFGW as kittens and returned in November 2006 because of a new husband with allergies and a dog that the boys considered a frightening monster. While we initially thought the boys should be adopted as a pair, fate intervened. A staff member at the vet hospital where the boys were being boarded fell in love with Ben and adopted him, leaving Max much happier alone in his kitty cage but still in need of a real home. Max was physically in great shape but somewhat emotionally scarred from all the changes in his life. He hoped for a gentle, patient, cat savvy human to help him find his true self again.  After almost a year at the vet hospital (and several unsuccessful  interviews by prospective adopters), Max found refuge with just the  special person he sought, an FFGW foster mom. She helped Max rediscover his purr and joie de vivre. But as things turned out, re-adoption was not in the cards for Max. A December 2011 check-up to investigate a sudden weight loss gave us the sad news that Max had lymphoma. Max and his foster mom  had a long talk on the subject and decided to abandon the adoption idea. Instead, Max and his mom decided that he would spend the rest of his days with his mom and foster siblings. Max died peacefully at home in his foster mom's lap on July 5, 2013. Purrs to you, little big man!

Meli and Nyssa

Meli and Nyssa--together forever . . . We received the sad news that darling Nyssa  (the solid white kitty in the collage) crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 22, 2012. She was in the comforting presence of her mom, Sylvia, and, her "auntie" and her"uncle" when  Dr. Laura Fontana of Home Veterinary Care came to help Nyssa. Sylvia writes: "After we said our goodbye to Nyssa, I wrapped my arms around her and talked to her as the sedative was administered and, when the lethal injection was administered into the sedative, she was gone in a nanosecond. I, of course, am still crying like a baby, and my office looks so strange without the litter boxes" Nyssa joins her beloved Meli at the Rainbow Bridge. We know they are watching out for the mom and sending her purrs and love. (Please see Sylvia's lovely updates on Nyssa on our Happy Tales page.)

MY MELI -- January 1990 to July 17, 2006. Sweet dreams Meli Mou. When you were created, they threw away the mold. Sixteen years together was not enough, but I knew you had to go on your journey. I miss your head on the pillow next to me when we slept; you steadfastly at my side after my surgeries, protecting me... not getting up until I did, and following me wherever I went in the house - including watching me in the shower until you knew I was safely out and drying off. Nyssa keeps going into the closet looking for you and calling for you. I know she remembers all of us saying our last goodbye's to you, as you gently began your crossing of the Rainbow Bridge. Nyssa still calls for you daily. I know you have your feta cheese, peanut butter, and menthol cough drops on the other side of the Bridge. We know you are watching over us until we are all together again. We love you and miss you. Sylvia and Nyssa

To our Mikko Monster, We see you free of fear and anxiety, in fields of green, with bountiful catnip and laundry baskets full of dryer-warm clothes waiting for you to curl up in. We miss you terribly and always, always love you. Especially Mom. Your Human 'Rents and Brother

IN LOVING MEMORY OF MINNIE, August 8, 1988 - July 17, 2006. I will miss that sweet little girl. Angela Petrillo

My sweet Misha! I miss you so much. You suffered so much in your last three weeks, but you still purred! I thought we'd be together for much longer but the infection was too much for you. I will miss your sleeping above my head on my pillow and kneading my hair. I didn't know when I adopted you from the Feline Foundation how much of an impact you would have on my life and how incomplete it is without you. I think of the 12 years we had together and realize how lucky I was to have you! From Jeannette

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