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This  is a special place to remember and honor our departed but still beloved kitty companions. 

We owe so much to the animals who loved us without question. And while words can't begin to express the thanks we feel for their love, there is comfort in trying.

We are honored to afford the opportunity to express our thanks and never-ending love on these pages.  

If you would like to remember a special loved one here,email us with your request. 

For visitors who don't have loved ones posted here, we know you'll find at least one kitty who will strike a note of recognition in your heart for a kitty you remember, too.












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Achilles: Born in DC.  Originally named Mr. Grey.  Adopted at 9 weeks and became the first cat his dad ever had.  Spent his whole life as a leader and beacon of joy and energy.  Beloved friend and companion for almost eight years who always responded to his name.  Warm, gentle, devoted, clever, handsome, and unique.  Got along with all people and all his furry siblings.  A 5-tool cat who had all the skills.  Taken suddenly from this earth due to cardiomyopathy.  Missed terribly by his daddy, mommy and feline brothers & sister.  Much like the Greek warrior for whom he was named, he died far too young but his name and memory will live on through the ages.  There will never be another Achilles.  We love you buddy.  You will always be papa's boy.  (9/1/2004 - 7/27/2012)


Rescued in 2010 and named after the star of the popular children's book "Orlando the Marmelade Cat," we instantly loved his gentle, sunny personality, wild kittenish ways and easy adaptability. He proved us right when Erin and Ted adopted him and brought him home with another FFGW kitty and the two kitties bonded in record time. Our hearts are broken for Erin, Ted and Simone and we thank them for giving Alvin the most wonderful life a kitty could have. Here is Erin's heartfelt tribute:

Alvin (2009 – 2016) (Hayes-Carlson -- 11/6/2010 – 3/15/2016)

I Miss:

- Him meeting us at the door, every time-  The climbing, the leaps  - The flying wallendas from the 

railing to the bed - Coming off the transom onto the floor   *bam*- His excitement when new 

grass appears- Inspecting the food bags - Him bugging me for kibble, every night-  The middle of 

the night romps with his sister, Simone - Him and his woobie - His unbridled joy when jumping 

around the bed chasing feathers - Him chewing on Erin’s pill boxes -  Headbutts all the time, to 

say hello, I love you, or just because - Him on Erin’s pillow every morning - Shredding toilet 

paper, his sculpting -  The kibble bags he chewed through - His chirping - Helping make the bed 

every weekend - Patrolling the windows in summer - Him chewing on everything - All the Alvin 

paths and carrier landings - Lick, lick, chomp - Sitting in the window waiting for me - Always 

curious - Helping me repot plants - Wearing his reindeer antlers - “Alvin get down from there!” - 

Sleeping with me - Helping me refill the kibble - Not afraid of heights - His forays outsite – on a 

leash; unchaperoned, at night, in the snow, during a power outage - Our greeter - Falling into 

the bathtub with water in it - Rolling around in the fresh litter - Rolling around in the garage - 

A whirling dervish when he didn’t want to be held - Taking pill pockets like a snack - Wanting 

snacks/kibble all the time – Drooling - Rolling onto his back in the bathtub and watching the 

dripping water - Rounding us up in the evening - Planning everything around Alvin - Nawing on 

the giraffe, the edges, on anything he could - His head smelling of rosemary - Smelling of the 

outside when he’d come out of the window - Taking on the grandfather clock and the treadmill, 

and winning - Taking on the cat stand, the fountain, and the radio, and winning - Always 

supervising - Mr. protect this house and his family - Zen kitty - Pawing at the glass doors to get 

out - Scratching windows so we’d open them - Alvin’s arch enemy – the staircase - Rolling 

around in the bathtub - His internal atomic clock, 0430 – wake up and feed me breakfast!, 1100 

– sleep, 1600 – snack, 1800 – dinner!, 1900 – Kibble!!, 2100 – herd everyone upstairs for bed - 

Foot biting alarm clock - Simone and pointer, pell-mell into Alvin - His dismount from any high 

place - Burning his paw on a hot stove top, and still getting about - Running the numbers to see 

if he can get from A to B to C – Alvin in a box, laundry basket, or any other item with sides – 

Alvin making certain I was accessorized for the day by kneading all over my clothes – His 

sleeping positions – curled up, stretched out on his stomach, pretzel twisted, stretched out on 

his back, foot stuck out – Just wanting to be with is peeps. 

We’re going to miss you lots big man. You made us laugh, you made us fuss, but you always did 

it with love. See you on the other side.   Love ya, Simone, Ted and Erin

Miss Ancie Malley, pictured in this photo from 1995 with my daughter Mary, died on March 30, 2010.  Some time this summer she would have turned 18 years old. Ancie came to us out of the woods in Vermont.  We arrived one evening at a cabin there when our two daughters were babies, and the third daughter (the one in the photo) not yet in the material world.  The little kitten must have slipped in unnoticed.  But it seemed like she was already inside before we opened the door for, when we got the lights on, we could see the tiny creature that went with the big meow.  She was very tiny, perhaps 4 weeks old. She slept with me that night, nestled in my hair, kneading my head rather painfully (for me).  Next morning, her mother appeared from the woods and lead her away.  But in the evening, the mother returned and dropped her off.  This happened two nights in a row and the day we left, the kitten was not around.  Yet, our friends who owned the cabin returned later in the week, called me, and gave me the kitten.  My oldest daughter, who was 3, named her. This cat spent much of her life being independent, a big hunter out of doors, and a gentle creature indoors.  She was sweet.  I am really just awestruck when I think that she was the animal companion that I had longest of any.  It's so weird to look back on those 18 years, to think she was here when Mary was born, watched these kids grow up, accepted two doofus dogs into the house, and lived cautiously around an older, cranky cat.   I don't know how you can spend the most years you've ever spent with an animal companion, and still feel like it wasn't enough when she's gone.  I still look for her in the usual places and anticipate her greeting when I come home from work. But I am glad for the opportunities to post my memories here. - Kathryn Malley

Our dear Angel, we miss you so much now that you are no longer with us. Your life of 18+ years was quite a journey I’m sure. We only got to spend almost 6 years with you & we hope you enjoyed them. Your mom misses you so. Your illness was so sudden that we are feeling a little shell shocked over your passing, but we know how tired you were. It was only two & a half weeks ago that you were fighting for some of my fried chicken. I wish I gave you some…more. We all love & miss you so big guy. Till we meet again….. I’ll bring the fried chicken, OK. Love Dad, Mom, Harmony, Dillen, & Lucky


I lost my beautiful Anise (known as Mulberry by FFGW) on September 19, 2018 and truly miss her.  Every time the phone rang she would come sit next to me and expect to be petted.  If you stopped petting, she would swat your hand to remind you to keep going and if she thought you were scratching the wrong area she would head butt your hand to the right place.  I really miss my phone buddy but am very grateful for the wonderful 17 years were shared.

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